Monday, February 27, 2017

Launch Tubes

This mortar team was painted up for a fellow player's BEF army, so I tried to keep the basing and other things in line with the early war France '40 basing that I have been doing.

Since I have been enjoying the Woodland Scenics delicate foliage, I have gotten a few new batches of it.  That material works incredibly well for these kinds of artillery and weapon teams, making them seem like they have just cut and pushed aside some undergrowth to make a space for the weapon.

As with the other bases and stands, I used the Mig AMMO heavy mud products to get that extra bit of texture on the base.  Even the finest sand when painted has only a 'loose dirt' feel, while the mud products have a smoothness of texture that can't be matched by the sand.

It's also very handy to blend the figures into their environment, as I spatter it or place it onto the lower legs and boots, thus "anchoring the figures" to the base.  Now they really look like they have been playing in the mud.


  1. Great stuff! The early war armies have a kind of charm about them, if that's the right word. How the world was before all those wretched Panthers and T34s started cluttering up the battlefields. ;)

    1. I think the vast majority of us like the early war period, since there is a much wider variety of weaponry. Still trying to figure out what worked!