Sunday, December 18, 2016

This Little Piggy

The Mierce Miniatures big critters return!  Once again, all part of the massive army painting that involves figures from a number of different companies.

He is relatively large, since he is standing (or leaping) on a 60mm base.

The base was made with tree bark, with Vallejo stucco medium spread out to create snow piles.  Just like the previous winter bases, I had to match what had gone before.  This meant that I could not use the crushed glass method or other techniques.

You can get a better look at those in these views.  

To see more of the Mierce Monsters in that section of the blog... here's a look at some from the past:


  1. This is simply brilliant! The green spikes make the beast very menacing.

    1. Thanks! That was en effect that I had to match from previous figures, giving them a bit of "chaos".