Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Long Haul

This Opel Blitz truck was one of the first vehicles for testing out a number of tools and materials.

It was the first 28mm scale vehicle that I had ever used the airbrush to paint.  In addition, it was the first time I had used the Mig AMMO oil based products, and the initial crack at using decals.

In the past, I had always done such markings and insignia with regular freehand.

The plan was to continue along these lines, until I started to learn about the secondary markings which are used on most vehicles... trucks in particular!

This page alone made me realize that I was going to have to get used to working with decals, and make use of Google searches to nail down what kind of markings I should use.  I was using a sheet of Rubicon vehicle decals, and many of them were shown on this page.

I attempted to replicate one of these as closely as possible.

The side view gives you an indication of which one!

I noticed that the purpose of the truck made a major impact on what decals I needed.  Of course, this will add yet another layer of complexity when I choose which era and theatre my future vehicles will be taken from!

There are a number of other Blitz trucks under way, but a few of those will be for my DAK army, and a few others saved for my winter Germans.

I had a few leaves around from my leaf punch experiment, and some of those were placed on the roof to break up that open space.  I will probably add more of them after a while, but I was more interested in continuing with the rest of the experiments!

On future Opel Blitzes, I will attempt to add some windshields, complete with mud spatter and perhaps windshield wiper marks.  Stay tuned for much more!!


  1. The weathering effect is amazing! It looks like it's had a winter on the Russian Front.

    1. Thanks! It seems like a million years ago that I painted this, but it was only a matter of weeks. I have gotten far more used to the oil stuff, but it's not even the end of the beginning...

  2. This thing is gorgeous mate. Your use of the weathering products is flippin impressive.

    1. Thanks! Just getting geared up! Much more on the way...