Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Acrobat

This very agile Dark Eldar figure was part of my 2013 tournament army at Adepticon . 

These bits of terrain were very handy... not just for the basing, but the display board as well.

I had several of these leaping characters dancing around on higher bases such as this.

There was something irresistible about having a pose like this poised on top of the rubble of an Imperial city.


  1. The paintjob is superb! Regarding the pose I would have prefered to position the left arm more spread out to add more dynamics.

    1. Thanks! Funny you should mention that, because I did a similar setup with one of the Raging Heroes Vestals, and that had a pose like the one you have in mind. It definitely lends more motion, and that's why I kept it for myself :-)