Saturday, August 27, 2016

Deadly Dancer

Once more some views of the Raging Heroes Blood Vestals which I used in my Adepticon Dark Eldar tournament army. 

The kits have all of the regular and special weapons needed to create larger or smaller units. 

I continued with a very specific basing scheme for the entire army.   The idea was to represent the primary opponent of this force... in the form of destroyed vehicles. 

I just wish that I had the kind of lighting and photo equipment that I do now, which would yield some nice army shots on my terrain board.


  1. Really lovely work James. Model looks great, very dynamic. Man these new raging heroes are just fantastic.

    I love the use of color been the cool and warm tones. Really creates a strong interesting contrast!

    1. Thanks! Really hoping that I can get my hands on all those fantastic new minis they have been working on!!

  2. Your work is always inspiring to me. This one doubly so as I just finished painting models from this range for a Bloodbowl team and the very small sculpts game me a hard time. The amount of detail you got into the face and the tattoo on the legs really impress. Nice work!