Monday, April 11, 2016

When big gets BIGGER!

Here's a truly massive monster from Rothand Studios.  It is made entirely of resin, and actually comes in some very manageable pieces.

It is quite the hulking beast, standing quite tall.  Here's a link to a painting article on the figure:

Part one:

Part Two:

The base is also part of the figure, in case you were wondering!

Here's the final touches on the big guy:

It was certainly an ideal subject for using those filbert brushes!!

Here he is next to a typical 28mm figure.  Yup... he's a biggie.

One last time!


  1. It really does look freaking amazing. If I saw him in real life I'd be scared to touch him for fear of getting burnt. Totally brilliant.

    1. Many thanks! I had to make sure I didn't drop him, or some serious injury might occur! :-)