Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Pink Cadillac, Part ONE

I thought you might like to see a very "down and dirty" paint job on the down and dirty, build 'em from scratch in no time Lafflys.

Just like the previous post, I will be emphasizing lots of "primer painting".  My first layers of paint, shading, weathering, etc, will be entirely of primer.

There are many benefits to this, as you get maximum adherence of paint to the miniature!  Since I have some super absorbent materials combined with much less absorbancy in the plasticard, it is quite important.

As always, I worked extremely fast.  This rapid application allowed me to get all kinds of wonderful, random mixing effects that are ideal for instant weathering on the bottoms and sides of a vehicle.

You can see what the mixtures of orange and black can yield.

This was carried up the sides of the vehicle... and every so often, I would dab some blobs of orange primer into the wet paint, creating interesting random rust patterns.

As I moved across the upper surfaces, I added a touch of the green primer with the black.  When I did the daubs of orange primer into this mix, I got even more interesting results!  I focused on areas where I had to most texture from the oxide paste, of course.

This was mostly done to hide the oxide paste, which had been used to hide any gaps or other flaws that resulted from the hasty sculpting!

As more pure green primer is painted over the original layers, I am already starting to get some nice blends.  And yes, you can use your fingers to spread out and mix the wet paints even more finely.

As I let the hull dry for a bit, I attacked the wheel assemblies.  These were caked in "mud", so plenty of orange primer was added.  Later, these will be given some dried mud colors for effect.

You can get a better sense of the overall effect that is building as I start to add some primer to the gun mount and shield.

I am reducing the amount of rust effects on the gun itself, since that sees more active use, and would not be exposed to the elements quite as much.

In the meantime, more lighter shades of green are building on the hull.  A reminder... this is all primer!  I won't have to worry about wearing the paint away on this guy!

For now, the roof is more of a black/orange mix, with additional blobs of the orange rust in key areas like the corners, etc.  I will be adding foliage to this section as well to break up the large, boring surface.

This episode draws to a close with a magnet sheet on the gun mount.  I want to be able to use the gun itself in an unmounted form for other games, so it is removeable. 

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of painting the Pink Cadillac!!

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