Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Send in the CAV

With Adepticon come and gone, some new things will begin to emerge on the blog over the rest of the year.  You have seen much of the Flames of War and even the peek at Bolt Action, but yet another tiny wargame will join them!

That would be Reaper's C.A.V. game, that has been jump started again with a new campaign.

I've painted a few of the Mechs as demos, but I continue to practice on various minis as I make myself more familiar with the range.

As tiny as Flames of War might be at 15mm, how about cutting that down to 6mm!!  Yikes!  The penny on the right is for scale.

This is made out of the modified BONES material.

I thought I would try the same sort of camo scheme which I have been painting so often lately.  However, in this game, vehicles disguise themselves with digitally projected holofields.  In essence, the Mech can mimic a nearby structure.

At this scale, getting those tiny little patterns will mean and all new kind of challenge.  It should be interesting, so stay tuned!!!


  1. Nice paint job! However, I thought CAV was N scale (12mm)?

    1. Thanks! To me it looks like 6 (compared to flames of war), but they say that it is 10mm...