Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fire Control

We return to the realm of the tiniest of tiny things!  Here's another 75mm artillery piece with its crew.

All of the various gun stands were treated with 3 basic methods of basing... rubble, dug in, and on hills.  This piece has the roundel, and I thought it was more appropriate to have this one on a prominence of some sort.

The 75mm guns were the most challenging to base, since I had to worry about the limber as well as the crew!

That's another reason why I went with this kind of basing technique, as it made it easier to squeeze all of those elements together.

This shot gives you a sense of just how tiny this all is!!

I can't wait to get the last few stands of this battery completed, along with the command and observer stands.  That should be quite a fun grouping!  Stay tuned...

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