Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Pirate's Life...

I thought it might be a good idea to snap some images of the bases before I started the painting process, so here you go!  I'll be posting some step by step articles on that process for you as well.

These overviews give you a decent sense of the variety in textures and extras across the whole set.

While there should be plenty of room to fit any kind of figure on the 30,40 and 50mm bases, I will have enough gold coins, masts and wood pieces to keep the entire batch interesting!

Within the batch of 30mm, there are plenty of differences.  In fact, there is just about one of each 'style' of base.  For further differences, a rope coil or cannon balls could be added.

However, that's the kind of thing I would have needed to work around an actual figure.  Not having them on hand meant that I needed to be more conservative.

Now for some 40mm goodness...

And one last view of the set!

Remember, this kind of basing is one of a dozen different basing techniques that are part of my Painting Pyramid set!


  1. Amazing, I have really enjoyed the construction process and now eagerly awaiting the painting.

    1. Thanks for following the string of articles! I hope the painting set is equally useful!