Friday, April 22, 2016

A Ghost of the Past

Here's one more Army of the Dead!

It's very fun to put the finishing touches on some of these figures, which have been sitting in a box nearly 80% painted for a very long time.

Just like the first couple of figures, I tried to vary the glowing colors.  Some sections are more greenish, but others tinted more blue.

I also added the semi-opaque glaze of the rusty brown shade, which was mixed with Vallejo flesh wash to get it down into all the crevices.

For an eternally cursed army, they are a lot of fun!

He's also here:


  1. Superb - I am trying to work out where you hid the green up-light in the base!

    1. Many thanks! :-) I just can't stop myself from OSL... I have serious issues!! ;-)