Monday, March 7, 2016

Jungle Warrior

Let's take another look at the new Salamander figures from Mantic Games!  As I build up the brand new army for Kings of War, I'll be exploring a few different color schemes.

The first was a more standard warm green, but I thought I would try out something in the deep red range.

The Salamander fluff stresses fire... fire breathing dragons, etc.  I wanted to contrast those deep reds with a blueish gray obsidian blade.

As with the first figure, the foliage is from a set of paper jungle foliage.

Stay tuned for more examples of the two handed Salamanders, followed by a unit (horde on a multibase) of single handed weapons!


  1. I quite like these I may have finally found a Mantic range I like!

    I CANNOT wait to see what you do with multibasing!

    1. Thanks! I want to experiment with a "burning jungle" look... should be very fun!!