Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Invasion Force

Coming to your town soon... the Alien invasion of The Watchers!

This is one of the four new factions brought to life through the Unfinished Business kickstarter campaign by Wild West Exodus.

This is the first time I have seen these guys in a group setting, and I was struck by how much the colors maintain a visual interest, even though the palette was very limited.  In fact, I only used 5 colors if you include the bases.

The key is in the placement, and making sure that there were no 'dead' grays.  That is, completely neutral grey that had no tone or hue whatsoever.  For the most part, I tried to create interest by positioning teal or blueish tones near some which were tinted towards purple.

The glowing green weapons were also a nice foil to the more subdued tones.  Seeing all the weapons together is also very satisfying, since I was not sure how such an intense coloration might work with a backdrop that is very white.

This view shows how the bases and that warm tan worked to make the grays stand out even more.  That hint of warmer tones also lessened the 'shock' of the fluorescent greens slightly.

I still attempted to get a little variety in the bases, however, as you can see by comparing the slightly greenish tones for the base on the left.  The one on the right is more yellow and bright flesh tone shades.

As I continue to complete this group of ten Hired Hands for the Watchers, the first Dark Nation figures are also under way.  So stay tuned out there, partner!! :-)


  1. I think the grey aliens were a missed opportunity. Painting the armour the same colour as the skin seems like painting a modern trooper with flesh toned fatigues. Why did you chose to paint the armour grey rather than some contrasting colour or even some grey/ brown camo pattern.

    1. I had to follow their concept art. This is how they wanted them painted.