Thursday, February 11, 2016

As Twilight falls

I have not gotten many opportunities to paint Kingdom Death figures thus far.  In fact, this Twilight Knight is only my second.

You can see I had a bit of fun with the cloak design.  I was looking through some Celtic knotwork design textbooks, and I ended up doing a kitbash between that and a touch of Gallifryan. :-)

The views from above to show the scenic base.

The skin tones on the face were quite important, as that was the only area where I could show skin, hair, etc.  Getting the grayish tones was very interesting, with a slightly different approach.  There was a lot of "underlayment" of greens, which were then covered over with translucent layers of pinks.

Normally I go back over that with a flesh color tinted with a green wash, but I wanted to reflect a bit of the purplish pinks that were on the cloak, the monster head, and so on.

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