Friday, February 12, 2016

A new Twist on Miniatures!

Since we first saw the Twisted Game universe a few years ago at Adepticon, I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these amazing miniatures!  That time has come to pass.

Wonderful figures such as this Nightingale will inspire a lot of painters to do great things.

Some of these creations have arrived at our door for some painting, and you will see those take shape over the next month.  My first thought is to stay as faithful to the concept art as possible.

One reason I like to do this is to have side by side by side images, where you journey from the initial concept to a painted figure.

There is a lot of character and style that goes into each figure, as this Feygin shows.

Every time I look at these, I notice new details... and then more!

This charming set has just about everything you could wish for in a figure.

Here is an amazing piece of terrain which is also part of the campaign.  It's going to be so much fun to paint!

These scenes give you a sense of what it all looks like in living color.  It's quite impressive!

Capturing the whimsical style of the figures in terrain form is a far more difficult task than one might imagine.  That is, if you want it to still be interesting and practical from a game play standpoint.

I have these figures all prepped and ready to go!  A blog post it coming to show what they look like assembled, so stay tuned!

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