Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Nation in Darkness

One of the four new factions from the latest Wild West Exodus kickstarter campaign was the Dark Nation, a twisted, warped version of the Warrior Nation.

While the Warrior Nation shuns the RJ-1027 powered weaponry of the other factions, some of their former brothers embraced it, and have been corrupted by it.

This is one of the Close Combat Savages of the Dark Nation Hired Hands set.  As with all of these sets, there are five Close Combat and five Long Range hired hands.  Each is in a completely unique pose, so all ten figures look dramatically different.

It was really interesting painting RJ glow on Nation figures... especially after painting several of the Scalpers with the natural blue energy!

Much more to come, so stay tuned!  Some of you are probably going to be getting your own kickstarter Dark Nation figures quite soon...

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