Sunday, January 24, 2016

This is MY sky!

The dreaded Legions of Asharah return, claiming more territory and slaves for the Blood Star.

As with the previous Reaver jetbikes, I have added a few more bladevanes, and created a base to match the large display board.  The base is a combination of baked sculpey clay and a bit of plastic GW terrain.

This gave the base some weight, and kept the center of gravity low enough so that it would not tip over on rough terrain.  In addition, the bottom of the base was magnetized.  Having that magnet allowed me to carry all my figures around more easily, since each box had a piece of sheet metal at the bottom.

Another handy thing I like to do with my terrain is to use magnetic primer.  While there is quite the same kind of bond as with the sheet metal, it still maintains a decent hold.

These views show the freehand on the bike, and a touch on the base as well.  There was a mosaic tile theme on the display board, so I attempted to re-create that effect where possible on the bases too.

There are still many more bikes yet to come, so stay tuned!

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