Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Red Baron

It's been a while since we last visited the dreaded Blood Star clan of Asharah, so I thought I would show another of the jetbikes.

All of these were heavily converted, using the extra wings and hulls to give them more of a hefty appearance.  Since the Bladevanes are supposed to be the primary weapon, I added extra ones.

The side benefit was having many extra surfaces to learn how to do the blood effects! 

I also tried to have a fun continuous theme on the bases.  This landing gear from a Storm Raven was an homage to the crashed tail of that same Storm Raven which was used on the Archon's Venom.

This view from above gives you a better peek at the freehand design.  I liked the pattern so much, it was the subject of my freehand video.  The pattern was used on everything in the army... infantry, vehicles, monsters, and more.

That Freehand Design video is available at Kings Hobbies and Games:

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