Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Azure Sorceress

Since I had a few other "glowy" figures out on the table, I thought I would finish off this figure which had been started a long time ago as a possible test piece for the Object Source Lighting video.

Here's a link to the preview video:

As many of you know, this is one of the primary ways that I gain more efficiency in the painting process.  If I am working on something that involves the same skin color, armor, etc., I will try to cluster those together, even if they are not part of a specific unit from one manufacturer.

You can get the Object Source Lighting video, and many others in USB form here:

She's also here:


  1. Impressive, I love how you manage to push the contrasts without making it too exagerated as it's common to see now. The left thigh is perhaps the most impressive part with the perfect skintone with light from below. Splendid.

    1. Many thanks! I just love the OSL... it seems to make each figure so much more interesting to paint! :-)

  2. Aside from the awesome paint job, that is a great figure. Do you know what brand it is and what it's called?