Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Get off my lawn!!!

Over the years, I have used this guy as an example in many of my glazing classes... most recently at Reapercon.  The idea was to illustrate how simple applications of basic lighter colors could be shaded and tinted to any desired outcome rather easily.

It was during the creation of these classes that the technique evolved into taking those same super transparent glaze colors and mixing them with 'regular' paints, which then resulted in the semi-translucent colors that I rely on so heavily now.

A stand alone video was created for this technique, called "Glazing Away".  While each of the painting videos shows how this technique works, this one explores the mixing of those semi-translucent options much further.

I also used this figure in the Orc and Goblin skin color video, for obvious reasons! :-)

It's at Kings Hobbies and Games:

He's also here:

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