Sunday, January 10, 2016

3,000,000 and counting!!!

Wow, that count was able to sneak up on me!  

I was anticipating that the blog would reach 3,000,000 views in early January, and I was dead on!!

It's only fitting to celebrate this milestone with a Reaper mini, since they number the most among the vast amounts of figures to be seen on these pages.

This one was very fun!  I loved creating the base for her (it's a 40mm round base, to give you an idea of size),  and painting in all the subtle color transitions in the fur.

I had thought of using this figure for the Painting Fur instructional video, but time was limited, and the size of the weapon meant that it would have been difficult to fit on camera.

However, the angle of the weapon was just right for my branch!!  

I also considered doing snow on the base, but I wanted to let the warmer colors of the wood and foliage create a bit of contrast with the cooler and muted tones of the figure.  I used a lot of purples, greens pinks and ochres.  A little teal was mixed in here and there for some added zest.

I think you can see that in these two views... the teal on the hair on the left, and the pink/purple tones on the chest.

Many thanks to all the regular viewers of this blog!  More than a few of you have been around since the beginning in February of 2012!  It's been quite a journey.

I try to keep adding new things to the blog, and maintain the variety of topics and subject matter for you.  That is not always very easy, since there are times where projects demand otherwise.

It's also my hope to get in some battle reports for you in 2016.  But favorites such as this Wulfen shaman will always be here for you to see!

Onward to 4,000,000.


  1. That's mind blowing but not unexpected.

    Well done and well deserved!

  2. The fur on this miniature is amazing!
    You even made it look like her belly and breasts are covered with it.
    Given your skill and constant flow of beautifully high standard painted miniatures, I'd dat the nummer of viewers is well deserved. It will probably rise a lot further over the year(s)

    1. Thanks for stopping by all the time, stepping into the madness of Wappelville! :-) Many many more minis still to paint!

  3. Very many congratulations, I am sure there will be many more. Your splendid blog and work remain a constant inspiration to me.