Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wings of Angels

This Seraphim is a combination of a traditional GW Sister of Battle with new wings added... taken from an Archangel from the Urban Mammoth line.

Since I had a number of Archangel figures in the army already, I thought this would be a nice tie in to the few original GW versions that I was using!

Once more, it was a chance to play around with lots of subtle color transitions.  There are a number of warmer green/cooler green areas, and the same for the gold/brass.  At one point  I was mixing a very dark Reaper Green Liner paint with a cool off white.

I also have some much more saturated and yellow sections in the metals, but I made sure to try to provide hints of green here and there.

I enjoy these wings because they are a much larger canvas... I can do more freehand, weathering effects and so on with these than the original configuration.

She's also here:

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