Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What's old can be new

This was a very interesting project... taking an ancient Ral Partha figure and giving it the "new figure" treatment.  

I used the new style foliage to create overgrown effect on a fun little sculpey vignette.

I can remember years ago trying to sculpt something similar to this with unbaked sculpey... not thinking that it would be a million times easier to do so once it was baked. :-)

The last time I was painting figures such as these, the technique was radically different.  It was more along the lines of the standard "GW" approach.  Painting this one in the manner which I do now was quite an interesting experience.

An exercise like this seemed even more useful, since I have had so many examples of the very latest in sculpting and manufacturing coming through here!!

Yes indeed... sometimes what is old can be new!


  1. I love the Ral Partha models from yesteryear. What an amazing miniature. The freepainting is just wonderful and the base looks 'monomental' :-). Beautiful work.

    1. Thanks! I definitely don't want to dismiss these older figs too soon! :-)