Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Fall Wizard

Here's something fun that was sitting around in the figure archive for many years.  I had been saving it as a wizard for hire on a Blood Bowl pitch, but I just had to see what he would look like with some bark and branch basing!

It allowed me to create an entire setting of muted greens, tans, greys, purple and even teal!  You can see a little bit of the juxtaposition of the grayish purple shadows on the cloak, with lighter tones in a yellowish muted green.

For good measure, certain parts of the cloak also had some greenish blue.  This would also tie in to the NMM on the sword blade.

These views give you a better look at that base, and the foliage that I used.  The tufts are Gamers grass, along with some crushed oregano leaves, which I topped off with some very nice fall foliage leaves made by MIG products.  All available from King's Hobbies and Games.

He's also here:

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