Monday, December 7, 2015

Psionic Warrior

You will now see one of those sculpey bases in use, underneath this Reaper Psionic Warrior.  I had some fun with a touch of freehand on this side...

But even more on this side!  This was a test to see how such a design might work on a cape, and if it would be practical for a much larger 75mm figure down the line...

The obsidion blade was very fun as well, balancing blues, warm greys, and even teals.


  1. Can I ask with what number of brush you did the freepaint, because this is simply eyepopping!! :-)

    1. Thanks! Most of it was actually painted with a larger #8 round craft brush (the green handle brushes that you see in my posts all the time), and a 00 Windsor Newton for the final details.