Monday, December 28, 2015

Owen does it!

The dwarf heroes keep coming from Siren Miniatures!

This time we have Owen, who's always ready with that handy sword.

Here's the Siren Miniatures home page, which shows off all the amazing figures they have.  I definitely want to try out many more of these!!

The crisp details on every Siren miniature make them a joy to paint.  I am able to do a lot of subtle little color transitions because of the clean lines of the various surfaces.

Glazing is even more fun when you have precision casting and sculpting, since I know that each glaze is going to end up exactly where I want it to go!!

He's also here:


  1. Just recently discovered this little gems (thanks to you, James :-) ) . Beautiful work!

    1. Very cool! I really want to try out some of those chaosy female characters.