Saturday, December 19, 2015

Little Grey Men

They're here!!!  Yes indeed, little Grey Men from Wild West Exodus!!

Introducing the Watchers, one of four new factions that were part of the Unfinished Business kickstarter.

Incredibly, everything is 3 months AHEAD of schedule, so all of the kickstarter figures are available for regular pre order now on the Outlaw Miniatures website.

I had a lot of fun painting these guys.  I wanted to stick with the concept art as closely as possible.

Since the figure itself was going to have a variety of greys, mostly on the cooler side of the spectrum, I thought that I could provide some contrast by painting the base with lots of tan, browns, yellows, etc.

Even the Gamer's Grass tufts had to fit this setup.  I had been saving this very light colored version just for these little guys!

More alien invasion ahead, so stay tuned!!!!!!!!!

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