Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bad Doggie!!

This rather large critter from HellDorado miniatures is yet another example of matching from several different companies as part of one wider range project.

The color scheme on this was done to match the previously painted Circle Oboros hounds.  There was a lot more gold surface on this figure, so I had to go more in depth with the transitions.  I had to reflect a lot of the snow and rock surface onto the plates.

This is not so easy, as the natural tendency would be for those to become quite greenish.  So, I had to be sure to incorporate enough of the reddish hues as well.  That would make a nice contrast with those cooler shades in the golds.

These views show that I tried to focus more of these warmer tones from above, leaving the cooler shades reflecting the ground.

A few final views.  Many of these principles are discussed in the "How to Paint Gold NMM", which is one of five NMM videos that I created.  All of them are now available at Kings Hobbies and Games.

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