Monday, December 21, 2015

Alien Invasion!

Another little Grey Man for you tonight!  He is from the Boxed Set of Hired Hands of the Watchers.

Each Hired Hand box, no matter what faction it might be, contains ten figures, each one with a unique pose.  They are all on marked plastic sprues, and come with instructions to help you locate those pieces more quickly.

Just as I did with the last example, I tried to make the base be the primary color contrast.  In addition, I tried to have the green glow of the weapon tie both of those disparate elements together.

Lots of fun was had placing various shades of grey... some more teal/blue, others more purple or even brown in others.  I did an entire painting video called Shades of Grey, and I have been drawing on my experience in creating that video a lot as I paint these little guys!!

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