Tuesday, November 24, 2015

We Are Back!

Hey folks!!  An old favorite returns with this Sidhe figure from the Celtos range, sculpted by Kev White.

The Celtos figures were some of the first 'high level' figures that we ever attempted back in 2002-03 when we began to replace 2D art with miniature painting.

They were ideal sculpts, as the lines were very clean, with a few armor surfaces as well.  That allowed us to practice some flesh tones, freehand tattoos, and NMM techniques.

Of course, my approach to all of these techniques has changed immensely over the years.  If I can find some old sets of images of those early figures, I will try to make some "Then and Now" side by side images for you.

Since there were not lots of backpacks, straps, buckles and more, we could just focus on the figure itself.

The base was created as part of my How to Make Snow Bases video.  I added a few things this time around, such as the Secret Weapon crushed glass technique, and even using some acrylic gel medium for the icicles.

She's also here:

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