Friday, November 20, 2015

Thanksgiving Dinner!!

That time of year is just days away!!! Scary thought, I know.

With each campaign, Raging Heroes likes to create some "urchin" style figures.  Kiddies getting up to lots of mischief!!  And these kids certainly are.

Hmm... I think this could be a very fun mounted general!! :-)

Charging ahead on the hobby horse!!  The exquisite details on these are unbelievable.  Look at the stitching on the cuff of the sleeve.  Every bit of the pose tells quite a story.

And yes, we have quite a story here!  This might even be very fun as some kind of halfling master chef ally for Kings of War... or even Blood Bowl!!

Someone is not quite satisfied with their gruel.

I want more salt!  Or, does she want to cover something in pepper...

I certainly can't wait to paint this amazing set!!

Just don't mess with the kids... the Nuns are gonna get ya otherwise!


  1. I probably repeat myself, but these minatures are absolutely gorgeous! :-)

    1. Each group that I uncover is more amazing than the last!