Thursday, November 12, 2015

Part one: The Draahk are coming

The creature feature continues from Raging Heroes!  These amazing beasts are the Draahk, and they are just as fearsome as the Stingray riders.

This is a very interesting Musician!  I think a lot of enemy units will not be enticed by the sound of that instrument to remain and fight. :-)

No unit is complete without a Battle Standard!

Finding just the right color scheme for these incredible minis will be just as challenging as the Stingrays...

While the Draahk are rooted on the ground, they are no less dynamic than the Stingray riders.

Here's another angle on the musician.

As I mentioned in previous posts, these figures will benefit greatly from the multibasing style of Kings of War.  No struggling to rank up heavy cavalry with swords and shields poking out at all angles.  Now I can spread them out a bit, and even allow the viewer to get a look at the sides of the figures too!

That aspect is even more important when you factor in how active these poses are.

Once I read through the KoW rulebook and the army lists, I can get  better sense of what to do with these.  Given the way breaking works in that system, I am not sure I want to make large units of these.

With the way my luck is, one wound will break them!  Again, this will still depend on what I see in the unit listings.

This concludes part one.  More images to follow in part two, including a nice group shot of all six riders together!!


  1. Loving these especially too James... even figuring out "which" models I want when we fill out our pledges for the kickstarter is going to be near impossible.

    I had initially planned the Elves for a WFB army, but having now shifted my focus to KoW you are right, the multi-basing aspect is going to make life much easier.

    There are going to be some stunning looking armies come out of the TGG2 kickstarter... thinking I might paint mine along the theme line of "Forgotten Realms" D&D Drow.

    1. Thanks! Look through the KoW lists, I keep seeing more and more entries for Raging Heroes minis! It's almost like they knew exactly what was coming :-)