Friday, November 6, 2015

Darkness of the Webway

So, the promised images of the Sci-fi Stingray riders.  They are every bit as fun as the fantasy versions!!

All the same action and dynamism.  Needless to say, these could make some outstanding Beastmasters in a Dark Eldar Army, or even Hellions.

While I would like to create a Dark Elf fantasy army for Kings of War, I already have a substantial Dark Eldar army that uses a lot of Raging Heroes figures.  These will be fantastic additions.

Just like their fantasy counterparts, there will be a unit of six sculpts created.

The close ups show that all the same detail is there as well.

I already have a color scheme established for my Dark Eldar, so I know exactly what I want to do on these versions.

All of the sculpts are unique, just like all unit sets of Raging Heroes figures.  This makes things pretty easy in terms of variations, since I don't have to scrounge around for different parts so that there aren't any repeats.

There were so many images, I had to put them in two posts!  Stay tuned for Part Two!!


  1. Every time I see them, they seem to look more impressive. And also 'a must have' collection :-)

    1. There are so many wonderful sculpts being created, my brain is about to explode!!!!