Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Charging Ahead

Here are the rest of the images of the Stingray Riders!

I love the flow of this piece.  The continuation of the swirling Stingray body is amazing!  It frames the figure so perfectly!

I also enjoy the action of the riders, who truly appear to be in attack mode.  No serene riders looking as if they are out for a Sunday ride. :-)

Oh yeah... and the Stingrays look pretty dangerous too!

The skin textures of the Stingrays are interesting.  I am tempted to go with lots of purples and blues here, so that I can take advantage of all that texture.  Standard grays and blues might not show off all that extra texture.

And a preview of the next post, where we see the Sci-Fi versions.  As I have mentioned many times, Raging Heroes is very adept at creating multiple genres from the same figure set.

Stay tuned!!


  1. What a magnificent models. The details are just amazing. Are they 28mm?... they seem a lot bigger...:-)

    1. They are spectacular indeed! They are 28mm... if you check out the Raging Heroes posts from my Dark Eldar army, there are some shots with other manufacturers.