Thursday, November 19, 2015

A stroll in the garden

When I uncovered this unknown miniature from an old batch of RPG figures, I thought that she would be a perfect test for a new kind of foliage that I was able to obtain this week from Hangar 18.

The actual name of the foliage is called Buttercup, but it is one of several colors.

There is also a white, red and a purple version.  While I have used the 'standard' type of flowery foliage (dots of color on top of grass clumps), this product is taller, and it simulates the leafy stems of a flower.

In fact, the height of this foliage allowed me to create the impression that she is reaching out to grab another batch of flowers, matching what I put in her right hand.

The yellow flowers also acted a s very nice color contrast to the blues in her dress.  This has been a new element in my basing... which used to be exclusively about what color marble or tile I used :-)

I think I have about 30 different kinds of foliage, grass, vines, leaves, etc. at this point, and it has massively expanded not just the ability to create little environments for my bases, but to have something which will work hand in hand with the colors of the figure.

These days, I actually "paint to" the colors of my foliage.  I know which one that I'll be using, and I make sure that the colors I paint on the figure include or contrast with such foliage.

Here's a quick picture  of the two products which were used.  The spring leaf foliage on the left was used to fill out the basing, and help the yellow flowers to 'stand".

She's also here:


  1. it looks like she is slowly running away from a monster going "damn this dress". the flowers do look quite interesting.

    1. The monster chasing her owns the garden that she's plundering!