Tuesday, October 20, 2015

War clouds are gathering...

It's always fun when you start getting enough figs together to make group shots!!

Here we have the Char B1 Bis, the Souma S35's, and the Renault Hotchkiss.

That's quite a range of sizes!!

I have more that will join them... two more light tank designs.

I thought that I should break out the green photo backdrop at this point!!

I will also start my Flames of War terrain with forest pieces, I think.  It should make a great Ardennes forest!

It's amazing how even this basic green backdrop makes these tiny things almost look real. :-)

On to more tiny tanks!!


  1. Great work ! I like them.
    Mines aren't so beautiful ^^

    1. Thanks for the kid words! Mimes are even more fearsome!!!