Tuesday, October 6, 2015

One Hot Bombshell!

Another Bombshell Babe for you today!  This is Delzira, Demon Princess.

As soon as I saw the figure, I just had to put that on one of my lava bases!  Yes, I could not resist. :-)

The pose itself was also just right, as the arms were extended, and the metal staff would reflect colors nicely.

I have been getting a lot of questions and queries about how I have been doing OSL, snow bases, lava and such, so I will be including a few links to samples of my painting videos, which you can get directly from me or from Kings Hobbies and Games (on a USB drive).

Here's a sample of the Object Source lighting video!

And a link to KH &B:

She's also here:


  1. I think the model is very nice, I think the skirt is too similar to the flesh. I wonder whether it would have been better if it was one of your Khaki greens. But its all a matter of taste.

    1. Glad you liked her! She was a lot of fun :-) Her clothes are sheer, so that's why you are seeing such similarities... It was an experiment to see what that might look like with the glow shining through it. I'd never tried that before, so I could not resist :-)

  2. Hot as! Just look at those... horns... =)