Saturday, October 24, 2015

As Darkness Becomes Light

As promised, here's the Raging Heroes figure on that marble base!!
The requested color scheme was white and purple robes, more of a High Elf look than the more typical Dark Elf shades.
It was definitely a departure from the kind of color schemes I had been doing with these, and that's always a fun experiment!!
The blade was painted with the same colors that I used to paint the marble, with the Reaper Stained Olive, seafoam green and elf flesh accents.  Some of those went into the flesh tones as well, and even parts of the armor.

To shade the 'white' sections of the robes, I allowed some of the purple color to mix into my off white shade by not cleaning the brush at all.  That's an old hat sort of thing for me, which harkens back to my days as an watercolor/oil/pastel painter. :-)
I gladly let my 'dirty' brush influence subsequent colors, because it means that I am getting my 'color unity' by default.  I don't have to think about what I need to mix into a given shade to keep it in harmony with the surrounding colors... it's already in the brush!!

You can check out some of the other Raging Heroes dark elf and Drow galleries to see just how different this lady was.

I will try to do some side by side shots for you soon.  The 40k Dark Eldar Asharah is still here, so I will snap those images before this one is sent on her way.
Those will also illustrate how versatile these kits are, as they come with all kinds of weapon and head options.  It will allow you to create just about any character you want.
The left over pieces are very handy.  In fact, I just used a bow from one of the Raging Heroes kits on the Elf Owl rider.


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    1. James, the armor is incredible. Especially the shoulder pieces. Blue green and brown? Simply amazing. - Woodrow

  2. Interesting color scheme. Very balanced. Very good Job