Sunday, September 27, 2015

When the wolf howls

At long last, Sitting Bull takes his place as leader of the Warrior Nation.  I changed my initial color selection to make him in line with all the other black fur/feathered characters.

It also let me play with the greenish colors and ruddy reds on the fur.

As you can see, the darker colors also created a great contrast for the  glowing weapons!

You can see more of the interplay of the olive green and blueish gray colors in these views.

This angle shows a bit of the reflected light on the underside of the chest, which I hoped would create more shape and dimension.  I also wanted it to make him see that much bigger than a 'standard' sized human figure.

This turned out to be way more fun than I originally expected, but I have to credit those color choices.  I even had a few areas of tan and flesh tone to add more depth.

I shot a few more pictures on the brown mist backdrop to show how those darker fur colors would look, as well as a way to show how much glow there was on the blue energy weapons.


  1. Gorgeous paint. We like to play with light sources, whether it's blue glow arms and light reflection on the abdomen and lower chest. Very nice and balanced color paint ...

    1. These Warrior Nation creatures have presented some fantastic opportunities!

  2. Very awesome! The light effects are amazing, that's really another stunning miniature!