Monday, September 28, 2015

The Bombshell Babes

With the completion of the latest Bombshell campaign, I thought it was time for as new set of group shots.

This collection of Babes gives a nice sense of all the fun character types available.

Each figure has a distinct personality, and I am looking forward to using them as character pieces in a number of different game systems.

I really enjoyed the steampunk theme gals.  I had some bases ready for other figures in that genre, and these were perfect for them!

Here's a quick view of some of those bases.

The paper foliage and object source lighting were fun touches which I couldn't resist.

But this is not the end folks, as many more Bombshell Babes are on the way!!!  As always, stay tuned.


  1. My absolute favorite is the latern/energy pistol lady. She is just fantastic. (with second place going to the vivid greens in the center piece).