Thursday, September 24, 2015

Drawing Blood

This Ultraforge demon was featured in one of the later videos created for the Painting Pyramid Kickstarter.  The idea was that it would utilize many of the techniques learned from the 'earlier' videos, or those know as the core set.

That video was called "The Blood Demon", and man was it a challenge!  This was mostly due to the truncated painting time.  I believe there was about 88 minutes set aside for the painting, once you factored in opening and closing credits, discussion of brushes, the palette, etc.

It had been sitting around for quite a while, and I decided to add a few more touches to it.  I focused on some of the new things which I had learned in the time since this one was painted.  There were also some new materials which I didn't have available during filming, such as the Reaper clear paints.

He's also here:


  1. and . . . . . . SOLD!!!!!!

    What was that 15 minutes?

    Man that model was worth every penny it went for?

    1. Thanks! Man, I was so shocked by the alert sound (which was in a matter of minutes!) that it actually made me drop the brush I was using... and almost the figure that I was painting! :-)

    2. I have an alert for when you post stuff, and it sold before I could even bring it up! Beautiful beautiful work as always James. It must put a smile on your face to see the community responding with absolute fervor over every model you put up online.

    3. I think the same thing just happened with the last two!