Friday, August 21, 2015

Turning over a new leaf

On this Reaper figure, I thought I would test out yet another new foliage that I purchased from Hangar 18.  In fact, it was a combination of the 'new', and the 'old', which is my Mica flake leaf technique that you have seen me employ in the past.

I was hoping to combine these two items on the big Scale 75 elf ranger diorama.  The majority of the 'leaves' will be bulked in with the Vallejo Mica Flake Gel.

This leaf and grass combination will provide the more 3D texture over the top of some of those Mica Flake piles.  It was fairly easy to match the colors.

She's also here:

Here we have the two together.  You can peruse the basing section of the blog to find a number of posts showing the use of the Mica Flake gel.


  1. Gorgeous James. One thing I really like about your blog (besides the pretty mini's), is you look at a whole slewwww of products and show them in use! Appreciate that!

    1. Cool! The more I hear people tell me how they got an idea from seeing something here, the more I am reminded to pass along any tidbits I can uncover :-)

    2. I always find it is the unexpected tips that we all learn over time. I always find watching other artists work fascinating, as everyone picks up things they don't think are unique or useful, when they could be exactly what someone is looking for!

    3. Yes, that's how so many things have happened here. Heck, the offer of a few pieces of tree bark at Reapercon a few years ago has lead to an entirely new type of basing for me! :-)