Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Wells Fargo wagon!

This little self propelled wagon from Burn In Designs will be hauling some very valuable cargo into Wappelville today.

Somehow I thought that it might be fun to look up some pictures of Wells Fargo wagons of the period and paint this up in that color scheme.

Such a valuable cargo deserves a significant escort!

Looks like it has dropped off the new caskets at the Final Slumber funeral parlor.

An Interceptor leads the way, making sure the street is clear of Jesse and Carpathian's minions.

Even a UR-30 Lawbot is prepared to protect and defend this delivery.

Another delivery is being made at the General Store, a one stop shopping bonanza out West.

Will there be more gunplay on the streets of Wappelville?

Stay tuned... rumor has it that Carpathian intends to hijack this shipment and carry it off to Payson.

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