Thursday, August 13, 2015

Chief Raven Spirit

The energy of the Great Spirit is focused in this most powerful of summoned apparitions.

Chief Raven Spirit is a new Warrior Nation boss for Wild West Exodus, and he can channel some serious energy!

With a whopping 5 influence, Raven Spirit is more than a match for Cartpathian, and even the Legendary characters.

The threat range is enormous on this pair.  A fire causing, armor piercing blast can deal with the long range enemies, while the Spiritual Flame template can clear out entire buildings.  Yes, and set fire to enemies along the way!

Not to be outdone, the apparition itself has an enormous 3.5 inch combat halo, comprised of his two massive spiritual claws.  Once again, they cause fire damage.  Fire season is about to begin!!!

But wait, that's not all!  In a case of "Now you see me, and now you don't",  they can teleport themselves up to 18 inches in any direction.  Wow.  No front line can hold against that!

He can also call 'regular' apparitions as well, up to two of them at a time.

I am visualising an all fire causing list, with Raven Spirit, War Priests, Iron Hawk, White Buffalo, a Fire Bringer, and an Eagle.

This will be a very interesting contrast to my Monster Mash list that I have already created for my Warrior Nation.  It will be a real blast! :-)


  1. Wow.It looks really "energetically". I feel that if I touched him, my hand goes through him.

    1. The fluorescent paints really help to achieve that effect...

  2. Whoa, this must be one of the best painted spirit effects I've ever seen. It's almost like he will give light in the dark, amazing.

    1. Thanks! It was definitely a challenging piece, but it was fun. Also, I got to do a few spot demos on what I was doing at GenCon :-)

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    1. Many thanks! I wish we could have had a chance to talk at GenCon :-)

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    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked this one... it was very fun!