Friday, July 3, 2015

Time for the Great Awakening

Here's an unboxing of a few Awaken Realms Demigods.

As you can see, the sculpting and casting is very nice, top notch!  You also get various options.  

They would not be very difficult to magnetize if you wanted to use all of them.

These were easy to prep, and the resin is a very nice silky texture.  Sometimes resin can be either slick or rough.  Not so here!  It was great :-)

I chose some options, and put them together.

Both of the Demigods are epic, and will be very fun to paint!

I created a few bases for them, each one is 60mm.  Again, these are Demigods, so they are on the larger side.

I want to have some designs on the marble floor that reflects those of the banner and armor filigree.

Lots of vines will be placed on the base, leading you up to that top level.

Yes indeed, bark 'n branch had to be part of the basing on one of these guys.  I think I will see how some of the paper foliage looks on this one.

One more link/reminder!!


  1. They look really, really good. Interesting and original concepts, I would say. We are curious to Your color solutions...

    1. Mostly I will try to go a different direction than the other samples they have made :-)

  2. FYI, These minis are not from Awaken Realms. AR is the painting studio that is doing the painted minis pledge level on the new Demigods Evolution Kickstarter ( and the painted minis that you see on the campaign page.

    AR have a new line of minis, but they are for their new game, recently funded on KS called "The Edge" (

    These minis are from Demigods Rising. DR originally used Titan Forge for the resin minis on their first KS, but had issues, including quality. So, DR switched to using Prodos Games for the resin mini manufacturing (

    These look like the redone versions of them by Prodos because they have a couple of configuration options, which the [first] ones from Titan Forge did not have.