Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Overseer

Here's one more figure from Miniature 13, called the Overseer.

I had a lot of fun painting all the subtle tans, greens and purples!

The camo cloak was done to carry some of those angles of the armor onto the flowing cape.

I did use a bit of weathering powders along the bottom of the cloak to create some dust and dirt, and feather out the pattern even more.

The idea behind the pattern was to give the impression that the hexes would mimic the surrounding colors when activated, blurring his appearance.

Purple and tan are natural colors to use together.  Most of the shading on the armor was done by mixing purple in with the tans.

Side by side with the concept art!!!

Go check out Miniature 13, where more concept art, prints and casts can be seen.


  1. ... beautiful work!
    How did you do the hexagon pattern?

    1. First I practiced the design on a piece of paper a few times to scale, to work out the pattern and get used to painting it. I starter out by placing one hex, and then working out from there.

      Since I knew that the pattern would fade in an out, this system worked well.

      Once the overall pattern was established, I brightened certain parts, and darkened the shadow areas by applying some weathering powders in the deep folds.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous metals. Your technique works so lovely on this fellow!

    1. Many thanks, as always! He was certainly an interesting set of colors. I was glad that I had the concept art to push me in that direction!