Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Running Amok

Today we check out some of the 'regular' sized figures from Infamy Miniatures.  They are about 32mm, somewhere in that range.  The bases sizes are 30mm and 40mm for comparison.

I don't have all of them shown in this post, as I didn't have the right sort of bases for them.

This little girl is not only cute, but she is quite mischievous!  Leaping over that sewer water!


Tesla in 32mm.  Just as detailed as the 54mm version, and the giant bust!!

This is freaking amazing!  I am going to do the blast effect just like the Willa Shaw Iron Horse.

This is an incredible group of minis.  It will be soooooo much fun painting these!!!

That will all play out on the pages of this blog, so stay tuned!


  1. They look absolutely stunning. I'm very curious to see the endresult :-)

    1. Yes indeed!!! It will be a post GenCon thrill for me!!!

  2. Good looking minis, but is it a separate game system I have to buy, or are you going to make rules to include them in your Wild West steampunk game.

    1. I don't think it's part of a game system, but I can check. :-) I just thought the minis were incredible, and would be fun to paint.

      I might use the 32mm versions as characters in my WWX scenarios, or for RPG.

  3. They are indeed for a game system, Infamy the Big Smoke, but like most of these fantastic miniatures, they can be used in other sytems with a bit of stat modding.

    Looking forward to seeing these painted James, not sure when the kickstarter stuff will come, but each day they don't is another day I can try to focus one what I am currently painted without the Shiny Syndrome distracting me.

  4. Thanks! I would not be surprised if the delays were to the retooling needed to make all of those joints that I have been talking about. It think adjustments were needed to get those to fit so easily!