Friday, July 24, 2015

Even a Legend needs a pal

Even when you are a legend, a man still needs his best friend. 

Legendary Wyatt has two buddies, the new, very potent K-9 Mercenary dogs.

Not only do they offer massive additional firepower, but they are his "eyes and ears", seeking out targets, providing line of sight.

This will be devastating, since Wyatt will not have to use his many action points to move into position.  No longer will he have to march down the middle of the street!

I think the streets of Wappelville just got a lot safer!!!

In addition, these two K-9's can "reach out and touch someone"... they can charge a potentially nasty enemy shooter, keeping them tied up so that the rest of the Lawmen can advance.

There's a total of ten action points here, and that's going to come in VERY handy.

I cannot wait to try out this fearsome trio!!

They will lay waste to the Enemies of Justice.

Stay tuned for a possible battle report after GenCon!!!

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