Thursday, June 25, 2015

The pirate life for me

Some quick paint applied to a few of the Variety Pack bases a little while ago.

It's always fun to paint these wooden deck bases, since I can have lots of fun playing around with a lot of different browns.

Carving the texture into the sculpey is also a lot of fun!

These are not super complex, but they can really set a nice scene for whatever miniature is standing on them!

There's a few ways to make the coins... you can either slice a strip of polystyrene tubing, or roll out a tube of green stuff and let that cure.

Bases just like these and more are included on the Wood planks, Barrels and Chests video that I created for the Painting Pyramid series.  That was one of a dozen basing videos!


  1. My fav section of these bases is the rum keg. I just love the way it's been rendered.

    1. Thanks! Wait until you see the minis on them :-)

    2. I am imagining they must be quite vibrant, based on the more muted tones that the bases have!