Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Nation grows...

While there the rest of the posse is well under way, I could not resist putting what was 100% done out onto the photo area.

The large variation in sizes was too intriguing to pass by!  I had to see it all together.

This is not a bad representation of what's available... heavy and light support, a Boss, a sidekick, and even a Mercenary ally!

There are three more Energy Beasts on the way in addition to Stone Fist, which should boost those cavalry numbers.

I have two more Bosses, Sitting Bull and Iron Tooth, that will boost the Creature Feature element. :-)

Both the Brave and Scalper Hired Hands are fully prepped and ready for painting.  I'm glad that I waited on those, because I now have a very solid color scheme for them.

The Scalpers will have lots of black on them, to mimic the colors of Geronimo, Sky Spirit, Iron Tooth and other characters.  Stay tuned!

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